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Description of the Day

Tara’s story is Ireland’s story. Tara’s symbols are Ireland’s symbols - the harp, the shamrock, the ancient gold. Prominent in our oldest myths and legends, the hill has been at the centre of things Irish since the earliest times. In some mysterious way, Tara touches the very soul of Ireland. While its regal and heroic identity harks back to a legendary time long gone by, as a symbol Tara has survived right up to the present. Thus down the centuries great lovers of this land -like the United Irishmen of 1798, or Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator - have used Tara's grassy banks as a backdrop for their dreams and their messages.

Due to the uneven surface at the Hill of Tara it is highly advisable that you wear good walking shoes.

Discover Tara

A Royal Place

In pre- history and in historic times 142 Kings are said to have reigned in the Name of Tara. The coronation stone called The Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny has Rested here down the ages. And it was here that the most powerful of Irish Kings held their great inaugural feasts and were approved by Earth Mother Goddess Maeve.

A Sacred Place

In ancient Irish religion and mythology Tara was revered as a dwelling of the gods and an entrance place to the Otherworld of eternal joy and plenty where no mortal ever grew old. In the legends of St. Carved Stone Inside Mound of the Hostages Patrick's mission to Ireland he is said to have first come to Tara in order to confront the ancient religion in its most powerful site.

A Celtic Place

Tara is one of the largest complexes of Celtic monuments in all of Europe. In reading its landscape we are transported back in time to when the first settlers came here 6,000 years ago. They and the Celts who followed them choose Tara as a very special site. Join me as we walk the hill and talk of its landscape, its history, and its legends.

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Interested in learning more about the Hill of Tara? Book your place on our next tour today.