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Newgrange is approximately 5000 years old. It is Ireland's greatest Neolithic Passage Tomb, world famous for its annual Winter Solstice and home to some of Europe's richest collections of megalithic art

A UNESCO World Heritage listed site, Newgrange is Ireland’s premier Neolithic Passage Tomb and Ritual Centre, home of some of the finest examples of Neolithic decorative art and its annual Winter Solstice phenomenon has ensured its enduring fame and significance worldwide.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Neolithic Passage Tomb

There are at least 250 recorded examples of this type in Ireland with Newgrange being the most famous. Dated between 3,300 -3,000 BC, (1,000 years older than the Pyramids of Egypt) Ireland’s first farmers built this extraordinary tomb and decorated it with ornate, enigmatic and abstract carved motifs that enthral and intrigue to this day in terms of ancient religion or astronomy

The Winter Solstice

Witness Professor M.J O’ Kelly’s astonishing 1967 discovery of the arrival of solstitic light in to Newgrange’s chamber through the roof box along the passage. What is evident here is a relationship between religious belief and the cycle of the seasons, the aligning of ancient monuments to solar events

Brú na Bóinne

The collective name of the three great passage tombs of the Boyne Valley, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. The literal translation is mansion or Palace of the Boyne. The landscape archaeologically is mythology brought down to Earth, exemplified by fairy place names and residences and burials of Gods and Kings. Boann, the Dagda, Aonghus Óg and Diarmaid to name a few

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The Battle of the Boyne

Brú na Bóinne is located within Ireland’s most important battlefield. Learn how in July 1690 on the north and south banks of the river Boyne a battle occurred that was a turning point politically in Irish and continental affairs.

Amidst a welter of family intrigue, dynastic succession, civil war, Grand strategy and religious conflict, two Kings took to the field with 60,000 troops and changed the course of history.

The Village of Slane

We drive through the Georgian village of Slane — The Cradle of Irish Christianity – the location of St Patrick’s Paschal Fire, the home of “the poet of the Blackbirds” Francis Ledwidge and the Fenian John Boyle O’ Reilly — today the setting of many great rock concerts.

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